Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feed me!

This is a video that Meg and I put together with the power of Macintosh. It isn't Hollywood quality, but it is better that any of the junk on the Disney channel. Also, Cake is the artist of the song, and we are hoping that we are not infringing on any of their rights.

Holland Relatives

So believe it or not, there are other people in the world besides LDS members that do genealogy. The family reunion that we attended this summer is a testament to that.

The story begins with my great, great, great grandmother having a dream that one day two men in white shirts with black name tags would come to her house with a message and that three of her sons would listen to it. Well those three sons were Abraham, Willam, another man that is a distant uncle to me and I can't remember his name right now. So these three brothers picked up their families and moved to the united states. Abraham, my great, great grandfather had about 9 or 10 kids, my great grandmother among them. She then had my Grandma Lila who then had my mother, who of course was blessed to have me. And so goes the family line.

So these relatives from one of Abraham's brothers or sisters (he also had 7 or 8) wanted to meet the lines that had left Holland. They flew over for about a week and we had this wonderful little barbeque.

The video above is my little girl taking her first swing ride. She was holding on very tightly to the sides until we put the camera bag behind her. Then there were no reservations. My sister is the one in front of her and I'm in the back pushing. Unfortunately, the ride ended during this video because Evely bumped her mouth on the swing. She really enjoyed it up to the point.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One of those days...

It had been a long day. Evelyn had and still has a rash that just won't seem to go away. So, I decided to let her air-out...during a nap. I laid her down in the crib with just a shirt on and left her that way. Then...I forgot about it. I had planned on putting one on about half way through the nap and then just plain forgot.

I then went out on an errand with Mike. We received a call from his sister who was watching the baby when we were about 15 minutes away from the house. Mike said emphatically, "What happened?" I immediately grew concerned. I had visions of my resourceful daughter having found a way to fall out of her crib or something disastrous. He quickly told me that nothing bad had happened. Which of course did nothing to sooth my nerves. When he got off the phone he was laughing. "Did you put her in the crib without a diaper on!?!" My immediate response was one of defense. "She needed to air out. I meant to put one on later!" He still just looked at me with a big grin. "Well, she was playing with her poop. You let our daughter play with her own poop!" The car exploded with laughter.

Once that subsided though and I thought about what I had done; its just became one of those days that you wonder how you are ever going to be a parent. If you can forget to put your child's diaper on what else can you forgot?

To add to the failure of the day, Michael was playing with a little ball that Evelyn has. Its motion censored and had fun little songs. But my point in telling you what the does is that because of the hardware in it, they have made the plastic protecting it rather hard. So Michael is playing with it and kicking it around. He started trying to pop the ball up in the air...right next to Evelyn. And would you believe it, the ball popped up and decided to conk our daughter in the head. Mike felt so bad.

So in day, we allowed our child to poop in the crib and play with it and then just a few hours later we kicked her in the head with a ball. Can we be parents or what?

PS: There have been no mishaps since that day...two days ago. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Watermelon Face

My daughter has a special affinity for getting whatever she is wearing dirty. And seeing that watermelon has a small red-ish tint, we decided that leaving the fabric off the baby was a good idea. And it was.

This was one of the funest feedings yet. Evelyn absolutely loved it. She just kept opening her mouth over and over again. She often looks like a little bird when she tilts her head up at us with her open mouth. In fact, that's what we call her a lot of the time.

The real hilarious moment was after she had received about five small pieces of watermelon within a minute. We just figured that she was chewing them a little quicker. Mike went to give her another piece and all of a sudden the five little pieces came tumbling out of her mouth.

She just smiled at us with her big grin that melts all hearts and the laughter rolled out of us. Cute little peanut...what would we do without you. :)