Monday, April 13, 2009

A little stress, and a new home.

Michael, Meg, and Evelyn all had a heartbreaking experience the other day. We had to leave our home in Rexburg and move down to Utah. Mike grew up in Utah with his parents, and Meg has had her entire extended family there her whole life. They also both hate Idaho, but there is no substitute for the friends that we have in our little apartment building up there. All we have down here is a BBQ. So we will have to eat our ribs without you.

Someone unwittingly packed away our Evie, but later found her on the bread shelf.

Needless to say... She wanted OUT.


The day has finally arrived. Meg is going to graduate. We are all so proud of her. She finished in 4 years, and in the mean time had a baby and got married, although not in that order. She has had a very busy 4 years, and can now relax... wait... jobs are stressful?
We shot this video of her walking, and her name was the only one the announcers messed up.

Happy Birthday Aunt Xelie

Today is Michelle's birthday. Well, technically it was April 6, and we are just late. We have been meaning to give you a birthday blogging, but in our later posts you will see why that was difficult. Our dear Evie knew about your birthday, and she decided to celebrate by having a birthday cookie.
We want you to know that we love you, and support you in everything you do... except drugs. Don't do drugs. Happy 19th, Xelie.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Little Race Car Driver

We went shooting the other day and because Evelyn's ears are stilla little sensative I get to sit in the car with her while Mike shoots and then roles reverse when I'm ready to shoot.
Well, I was shooting and when I got done with my clip, I went over to see how my family was doing in the car and found this...Evelyn has her little feet through the holes in the steerwheel and is holding onto it too.

She even honked the horn at us at one point. I guess we should be grateful that she's going to be more interested in her driver's license then boys, or so we hope. :)

My Hero

So this semester has just been one of the worst. Who knew that graduating college would be so hard. Its only a degree right?

But it has been tough and my sweet husband has been there every step of the way. He might not like being around me all the time, but he's still right there. Well, there was one day in particular that my responsibilities were weighing on me. It was around 10 at night and our next door neighbor Rico came over to see if Mike wanted to go to the store with him. He just looked back at me from his spot on the floor and asked really nice. I couldn't say no.

So he left with Rico and I sulked around the house for a few minutes. He had wanted to spend time with Rico and not me. I had to get over myself. I wasn't the funnest person to be around right now. He needed some time away. By the time Mike got home I had talked myself back into a rational state of mind. And what should I find when I turned around from putting a load of laundry in the washer but this beautiful bouqet of flowers bursting in my vision and my husband's beautiful smile right behind it.

Mike always knows when a gorgious smelling flower will make my day. I love you sweetheart, with all my heart. Thank you.

Binki Victory

Mike was working on his homework one evening. Evelyn and I were just sitting on the couch waiting for him to finish. (A rare occasion that we were just sitting.) She just looked so cute sitting underneath her blanket that I couldn't resist getting her on film. You can hear some of the fun new sounds that she is making. And of course she has become an expert at taking that plug out and putting it right back in. We love you Sihaya.