Friday, March 26, 2010

Strep Throat

My poor baby.

My husband and I had a wonderful day date Wed. as well as night. But then to come home to a little girl who has dull, listless eyes and says 'mommy' like she's in pain just about broke my heart. We took Evelyn to the doctor yesterday on the premise that she had been exposed to a cousin for two days that just had a confirmed throat culture of strep, a grandfather who might have an ear infection, and the discovery museum where who knows what lives. She was showing four of the five major symptoms. She's on antibiotics but those never work at night.

Lets just say it was a rough night and pray that today will be better. I refuse to take a picture of her right now and post it because she is that miserable. Its not cute this time. Poor baby.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love fish!

So I've been a little worried about Evelyn learning to talk. All the books say that you need to narrate what you are doing all day and I just have trouble doing that especially in the morning. I'm just a really quite person in the morning and telling my little one and a half year old everything that I am doing has been a struggle. Add to that the fact that besides Mommy and Daddy, she hasn't really had regular words for things. She mumbles but nothing consistent.

Well, over the last few days she has proved those writers of those mommy articles wrong! We went to buy some snacks for the next few weeks and we came home with one of those humongous boxes of goldfish. Well, I like goldfish as much as my daughter so I was singing a little song about them while I snacked. "I love fish. I love fish. I love fish, hey, hey, hey!"

My back to my daughter, I kid you not, I hear her little voice, " I love fish." It was clear as day. I have witnesses. Needless to say it made us laugh. But this is not the only thing to throw in the faces of those authors that say I have been doing wrong. Every day new words are popping into my ears. Oh, what will she say tomorrow. :)