Monday, May 23, 2011

'It'Number Two

So I wasn't ready to officially announce this on Friday but I am today. We are going to be having an addition to our little family in late Nov., early Dec. (I am ambiguous here because even before a child is born they have an opinion about themselves.) The official due date is Nov. 24 so we might just have a holiday baby but we will see.

I've been sick with this baby where I wasn't with Evie. And I thought that it had gone away now that I was out of the first trimester but it came back with a vengeance this morning.

We would like a boy. In fact, I think I would be happy to have just boys from here on out, but that would be Mike's determination. We used some old wives tales last night to determine gender and two out of three said it was a boy so we will see.

The above pictures were taken because the doppler wouldn't pick-up the little things heartbeat because of how it was sitting so we used the ultrasound machine for the heartbeat and just happened to take some picture while we were there. :) The first one is of the body. The solid white circle on the left is the head. The other round thing is the body. The two little white circles on the side of the head are hands. And the second picture is of the feet. They are the two little white ovals on the right of the picture.

So that's my news. We're really excited and feel very blessed. Even Evie is getting excited. She told me this weekend, "Mom, sometime I will help with the new baby." At least I'll have her help sometimes. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess What

Here is what happens when I leave my Evie alone with her father and he allows her to choose her own outfit...Hopefully the face is from her realization of the mismatching colors. :)

In other news, Evie continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and ability to remember the silliest things we've said. We were in the car the other day and I was talking to Mike. All of a sudden he stops me and asks if I heard what Evie had just said. I hadn't so he told me. "I'm through with you Mom." Cause a what!?!

Then the other night we were driving home late and Evie was half a sleep. Mike said, "Evie, guess what?" "What?" Mike, "Chicken butt!" We all giggled till the next morning when Evie comes to me and says, "Guess what?" "What?" "Chi... butt." She got the first half of chicken right but forgot how to finish it. She's a pro now after playing the game for a few minutes though. I love you little sponge!