Saturday, September 5, 2009


So, life has been a little hectic of late. But to explain our last post first. I was on one computer and Mike was on another. I was finally sitting down to do some blogging. Now because of recent events, like forgetting the camera every time we go out, we've been using Mike's phone to fulfill our picture needs.

Well, on this night of blogging Mike decides to download all of the pictures that we have taken over the last few weeks and then delete them so that I could only blog from his computer that he is doing homework on. I called him a loving term of endearment and his post was in retrobution. There is is.

But to the hectic part of business...
I recently started a new job with a wonderful dentist in the Bountiful, UT area. Its been a bit of a challenge. I've had to learn a few new computer programs as well as things like reconciling bank statements. Now some of you may have learned how to do that with your first bank account, but it was completely new to me. Quickbooks and a program called Dentrix are now my daily companions.

My loving husband is currently sick with a cold and in bed. He has been in school for about 2 weeks now. He truly loves it. His classes are things like College Calculus and Microbiology. He has like 3 different labs a week and has a 1 hour commute both ways. Needless to say our time together is prescious.

Evelyn is almost a year old now. She started crawling at about ten months and is now running at 11 months and 1 week.
-She also broke three teeht in one week. One day she had just the one bottom one and the next there were two on the top and the fourth one came in about two days ago. She really has been good compared to the first one. She ran a high fever for a few days on the first one. And its been barely a fuss with these other three.
-She bonks heads now.
-Pushes furniture around just like her mommy.
-She has said 'Hi' to me a few times in the morning and I also heard an 'O-tay' one day.
-She climbs up and down stairs and she has also purposly rolled down them a few times.
-She makes the indian noise with her mouth. You know where you make a sound and then put your hand over your mouth and pull it away repeatedly. That's the best description I can give this morning.
-She also has a shoe fettish. She'll pick up or shoes and we find them all over the house now.
-Evelyn also enjoys pulling her clothes out of her drawer and trying to put them on. Mostly they just touch her head and then fall to the ground. But pants, shirts, skirts, they all try to sit on her head.

Well, this is where we are at. The years are short but the days are long.

Oh, Mike and I also celebrated our 2nd year anniversary a few weeks ago. We spent it in California at San Francisco for a day. The Ghirradeli Chocolate factory was hecca cool. But we love you all and will try and be better at this blogging thing again.