Sunday, September 19, 2010


Nesting is the only word we have for it. Evie's thing for the past few weeks is to nest. She will gather as many pillows and blankets and stuffed animals as she can find and put them into a huge heap. Then she'll roll around in it for a minute, pretend she's going to sleep or just bury herself. After that she will literally pick every item up and move it to another area, roll around another minute then move the whole nest again.
These pictures are from the bathroom nest, I was in there cleaning up a little bit and all of a sudden I turned around to a nest that was as big as the bathroom floor. I couldn't get out she had packed so much into the bathroom. That's all I have to say about that.

Screamin' Kind of Love

Evelyn and I recently started taking a different way home. That way consequently takes us by this old water-tower that was converted into a sign for the Trolley Square Mall here in Salt Lake. The first time we passed it Evie asked me what it was and I explained that it was a water-tower. Now every time we pass it she makes sure that she has it right, that it is a water-tower.

Well, I'm on the phone with my sister Michelle one day this last week and we pass the water-tower. Apparently Evelyn was under the impression that I wasn't listening to her because all of a sudden I hear this loud wail from the back seat. "WATER-TOWER!!!" She proceeds to scream this one word at me about 15 times with me laughing and demanding that she quiet down, Aunt Shellie laughing on the other side of the call because its so loud that she can hear it, and Evelyn giggling between declarations. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Homework Nazi!

The above picture us what I get when I ask Evie to smile. She makes us laugh.

Now my story does have something to do with Evie smiling. Her and I were getting into bed and Mike decided to take break from homework to come and help me. Well, help is a relative term. Helping to him means harassing Evie till she screams at him.

She didn't disappoint. As soon as she had had enough, with a smile on her face, she forcefully told her daddy to, "Do your homework." We, her parents, couldn't help it. We busted up laughing and then both gave her a big kiss on the cheek. That's how most scuffles end in our house.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


We just finished watching this movie for like the hundredth time. I remember seeing the commercial for this and calling up my friend Melissa to express my excitement. She then kindly told me that sometimes she forgot how much of a nerd I am.

That's the truth. I am a nerd.

Well we got through it tonight and I announced to the family that I was so a Trekkie! Evelyn then kindly said with a tone of pity, "I'm sorry." She's just so...she's a stinker and we love her. That's my story for the night.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding Bells are ringing

Well, Shell did it. She got married and the family couldn't be happier. We even love her husband, so much so that we were ready to keep him and get rid of her if they broke-up...just kidding...or am I...

Enough ambiguity. We really do love both of them and the wedding was great. These are all pictures that we took at the temple right after the wedding. I had fun with the camera and got some good shots. And yes Shell, you may thank me for taking them because Gibby certainly won't let you have access to your's.

Also, these are the only ones that I took because I was to tired at the reception.
After 25 years, my parents are still very much in love. Aw, so cute.
This is the happy couple coming out of the temple. Chase already has a kiss mark on his cheek. Hope its from Shell.
These are a few of the bridesmaids. Lets just say we were hot, both from temperature and looking hot.
This was a picture of all the girls at the wedding. Sorry Mel, you had to stand by Chase and not be in this picture.
Evie and her grandma enjoying some shade. It was really hot!!!
The Pascuals were able to join us at the temple. Her is Erin and her mom, Sokimna looking mighty fine.
And my little girl sucking on her lower lip. We had fun. We were hot. We were tired. And now its over and we're even happier. We love you Shell and Chase and are so happy for you. May your lives together be happy, because you have eternity after that. :)