Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anyone else see it?

When Meg sent me this picture from their trip to the mall, I laughed hysterically. I had just watched "The Creep," by The Lonely Island comedy group, and I think Evelyn bears a striking resemblance to Nicki Minaj. The video is on Hulu, and tell me what you think...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Mouth

Driving in the car this morning and all of a sudden Evie starts talking about an ant in her tummy. So we start talking about how it got there. I asked her if she ate it. She said no. Then we were talking about how she has a mouth and then how I have a mouth. The next thing to come out of her mouth and I kid you not was, "You have a big mouth!" Where does she come up with these things? And do I really?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am not a Gardener

I just came across this picture and felt the need to share. I bought a zucchini plant last summer thinking that I could use my fresh zucchini from my garden that I grew myself. This is the one vegetable that my poor plant produced and Evie is showing it off for me...I am not a gardener.

Mall Trip

Grandma Teresa, Aunt Bex, Evie, and I went to the mall today. We had a purpose that fell through but that didn't stop us from wandering around for a minute. We walked into Icicle. There were some headbands that I just might have to buy for Evie because she wore these decorated ones for longer then she's ever worn one before. There were also some glasses that are the reason my generation was afraid to wear them. The funny thing is is that she probably looks like what I did when I first started wearing them. I swear they were this big... She makes us laugh.

Rockin' Mama

What did I get to do the other day? I got to be a a 23 year old and go to a concert. And not just any concert, it was an angry teenager concert, Lincoln Park. Shell and I rocked it. Mike didn't want to go so he sat at home and cleaned his guns while I got dressed up like a hot mama and head banged the night away. Not only did I get to hear the band but I also made a friend... (sarcasm). About 10 times during the concert, the girl in front of me turned around and shoved her camera into my hands and requested a picture. She then introduced herself to me and asked for my name too. We were best friends... Yeah for being young!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This in one of Evie's staples for food. Its on a shelf in the fridge that she can reach and she could go through a box a day. She came to me one night and asked for one. She was in jammies and we were just winding down before bed. I told her she could and she disappeared into the kitchen. She came out carrying two which was odd.

"Evie, why do you have two?"

And with a big smile, "I got one for you Mommy."

Its the small things that show our love. The fact that she was thinking of me made me grab her, squeeze her, and cover her with kisses till she squealed with laughter and we were both out of breath. I love you an extra go-gurt baby girl.

Evelyn Sihaya Blair

I'll post some pictures of my little girl later but I just had to get these stories down while I was thinking of them.

I walked into the daycare this morning and the director stopped me. (By the way, we love our daycare. I trust the ladies completely with the care of my little girl.) Well, the story goes something like this. It was clean up time and Magdelena was encouraging a little girl named Leyla to help clean up. It's not Leyla's favorite thing so Magelena had to ask her a few times. My child turned around, probably with her hands on her hips and said, "Magdelena, be nice!" My 2 year old is instructing her teacher on manners!

I was at a baby shower this weekend with Evie and there was another little girl there that is a month younger. The little girl's mother asked Evie if she was going to be friend's with her daughter. "No," was Sihaya's response!

We were helping a friend move a couple of weeks ago. Evelyn was helping to unpack in the kitchen. Susan encouragingly told Evelyn that she was very smart. Evelyn looked up at her with big brown eyes, a grin, and responded, "I know."

This girl is certainly not going to have any confidence issues. She makes us laugh and we love her to pieces.

Crazy Mom

So yesterday Evie and I spent about a half hour discussing how I had gone crazy. The weather was gorgeous and Evie and I have been cooped up inside since last fall, so I decided that we would take a walk. Well then I decided that the walk should be constructive beyond just going around the block. So what did we do? We got the stroller out, packed some snacks, and made the 1.5 mile hike up a mountain to Mike's work! Did I have a death wish? Not until we were about half way through. I got my heart rate up to quickly. I took the heavy stroller instead of the light one. And I wore jeans. The result? A very tired mom but a very happy family. Then we rode the train back down. Something that had taken half and hour up the mountain took 5 minutes down. Evie liked the train part too though.