Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Discovery Museum

It was a wonderful adventure!!! Some of our friends gave Evelyn some free tickets to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway for her birthday and we just barely took advantage of that amazing gift today. We took Rico, Sokimna, Erin and Eli with us at it was a blast. Evie loved having friends to play with and the museum was just her size. These are just some pictures of the journey.
Michael enjoyed the life-light helicopter so much that he had a heart attack and Rico had to necessitate him.
Showing some skin on the Channel 5 news is the new thing.
This horse was taller then a ... horse. It was huge and Evelyn loved it.
There was a little grocery store for the kids to play at going shopping. Eli found the best thing of all, my baby.
Becca made a sandwich and Evely was very sad that it wasn't real.
We thought we'd try some strawberries while we were there.
Rico is doing something that I am going to censor and Sokimna is enjoying a day in the forest.
What can I say? I look good and should be on America's Next Top Model...yeah.
This is Mike being a beaver. I can't really say anything about that either. :)
She is the cutest turtle ever. She was so much in character that she hated being on her back just as much as any real turtle.
I had a little turtle. Her name was tiny Tina...
There was even a water center for the kids to soak themselves in. The apron was so long and she so tiny that she was stepping on it when she tried to walk.

We loved spending time with friends today and watching our little girl play. The Christmas season is always a blessing just like the people in our lives. We love you all and wish you a merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Emergency Room...maybe

I'm being over dramatic, but I believe that when one's child gets hurt the mother is allowed be dramatic after the child is safe. Enough ambiguity. Evelyn was in the family room at my mother-in-law's house. She has recently become an expert climber, even making it on top of our counter top high chairs. (Its pretty high up there for a child that's only 30 inches tall. Well, what we think happened was her attempt to climb onto the couch in the front room. All I saw was her holding her mouth and a red liquid. At first I thought that she had knocked her teeth back into her head but her lip was just swollen. She just has a cut on the inside of her mouth, upper lip. There was no trip to the emergency room but I was ready to go.

Crazy children trying to grow up and do big kid things. Mike and I talked about it last night as we went to bed. I'm sure that most parents feel this at some point, but there was just a moment of utter helplessness. I couldn't stop the pain immediately and it broke my heart. That is one of the most horrible feelings in the world. Our consolation though is that children are terribly resilient. She was just fine after a frozen go-gurt and a diaper change. She is healing just fine and has returned to her antics.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So I turned around one day to find my daughter standing in side my husband's shoe. And yes, she can fit both of her feet into one of his. She was just so cute that I took some pictures. My daughter has a fetish because not only does she climb into Mike's shoes but my shoes litter the floors right now. I have a red pair that are her favorites. But she doesn't try to walk in them. She just likes to climb in and climb out. Aren't the habits of our children fascinating?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Camera

Now call me crazy, but my Christmas presents growing up were always kind of a surprise. I would convey some of the things that I might expect but what was under the bright, colorful paper on the a happy Christmas morning was always a fun and welcome surprise. Not so with my husband it seems. He always knows exactly what he would like and refuses to just let me surprise him! This year, he requested a more sophisticated camera then I knew existed. Its a D50 or other and we found an amazing deal on it. So to spite him for knowing what he's getting I got him something that will be a surprise and then I'm going to use the camera as much as I want. These were the pick of the day. It really is a good camera. To bad the only thing I know what to do with it is point and click. Waste of good technology. :)

Side Note: It was an amazing hair day for the both of us. This is a singular occurrence.