Friday, June 12, 2009

Box Baby

We went to Sam's Club and bought these little fruit cups for Evelyn to make snack time a little more easy. But the box is just awkward in her cupboard. So I took out all the fruit cups and set the empty box on the counter. I turned around to throw some trash away and found my daughter sitting in the box. Her daddy thought she needed to experience being in cardboard. She is pretty cute wearing a label.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Glee of the Diaper

Our beautiful baby girl never ceases to surprise us with her inginutity and sneakyness. I was being a thoughtful and loving mother when I allowed Evely to hang out in her new, clean diaper before I put her in her outfit for the day. Like most babies, she loves the freedom of no clothes; so I reiterate that I was being a thoughtful, kind mother when I allowed her to crawl and stumble around the floor with only her diaper on.

To my joy and fears, my sister-in-law Becca, or Aunt Bex as we have dubbed her, squealed a minute or two after I placed my semi-nude daughter on the family room floor. There stood my daughter in all her glory with an unattached diaper in hand and a look of shear glee on her face.

Evelyn had smartly and quietly removed the disposable diaper from her clean bottom and then had remained quiet about it so as not alert the parentals to her deed till we were paying attention.

I am contemplating buying duct tape now. :)