Sunday, May 23, 2010

Animal Lover

Evelyn has become rather adept at letting Mike's parents dogs out of their kennel. The other day she decided that she might try to see things from their eyes. Yucky. I wasn't there or else this germ catastrophe never would have happened!

Smart Baby

This is what was sitting in my email inbox one morning. These kind of things make sure I survive being away from my baby all day long.


Evelyn is speaking like crazy. There's the parrot talk when she mimics whatever we say. Like today we were walking out of Church. Evelyn stayed in Nursery for the full two hours without any incidents. But I was asking her about what she had done for two hours.

"Evelyn, did you play with the bubbles?"
"Did you push the babies in the stroller?"
"Ev, did you have a snack?"

Then we have conversations where she will all of a sudden look at you and say "Okay".
The one that really makes me laugh is when she comes running from another room to scream "Bless You" at who ever just sneezed. Then she has to say it two or three times to make sure that you heard her. She makes me laugh. :)