Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is Evelyn's nickname most of the time. When I thought about having children, my impression was that my little angels would be clean and calm like Mike and I are most of the time...we both feel that God has a sense of humor. My angel has a firey spirit that often conflicts with my own. She has to get the cheese out of the fridge by herself. She has to try and open it all by herself for about a minute before she lets me help. Then I have to leave it in the wrapper so that she can take it out of that. She is an amazing helper to the point that nothing gets done. She knows how to turn the knob of the stove and dishwasher, things are often over cooked and under-washed. She tickles us by scratching us and her kisses are slobbery because of the molars coming that also brings fevers. And you know what...we wouldn't change any of it for the eternities. She is our baby, through and through. She has my eyes and Mike's curly hair. But her toothy grin is all her own and it melts the heart. All is forgiven when she turns it on you.

She'll probably be mad at me one day for being all gushy and embarrassing her, but I'm her mom and I'm allowed to say things like this. We love you Evelyn Sihaya. Keep growing and delighting us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Evie Prints

My mother called me one day. She told me to send her "Evie Prints". In my confusion she explained that that morning she had found one of my daughters dirty hand prints on some part of her house. It had made her sad to wipe it off and she was demanding that I get some finger paint and send her an " Evie Print". The above pictures are the result of the call. Good thing the paint in water proof and non-toxic...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was making a new meal that is quickly becoming one of my husband's favorites. I call it Ravioli Lasagna. Don't question. Its quick and delicious. Well, I'm embarrassed to say that I put it in the over, even heard my timer go off...and then forgot about it. The sauce spilled over onto the tin foil at the bottom of the oven and started to smoke. By the time I got in there the smoke had filled the oven. I opened it to check on my dish. When the smoke detector in the kitchen didn't go off I thought that I was good and there wasn't enough smoke to set anything off.

The blaring sounds of the hall smoke detector, that is even more regrettably connected to the house security alarm, went off. With a child screaming in fear from the loud sounds, my husband asking me what on earth he is supposed to, I rush up to the alarm box by the garage door. The phone rings. I explain the situation to Lori on the phone in very broken English and she promises that she will not send the fire department.

I call Aunt Deneal, she gives me the code and the noise stops. I come down stairs and there are two firemen at the door to my place. They get some information from my husband and then I notice that my clean bras are sitting on the table including a diaper that I had just changed before the incident and had placed on the table to keep away from curious hands.

I am thoroughly embarrassed. The end.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

This is a late shout out to Grandma Maureen and Daddy Michael. These two very important people in my life happen to have the same birthday. Now because my mother lives in Arkansas I was unable to grace her with my cake making abilities but we thought about her all day, spoke to her many time that day, and in general paid homage to her growing years. We love you Grandma Maureen and hope that if you make it to next year it is a birthday that will rival this year's. Now the cake above is one that I made for my husband. It is way below my perfect standards but I have to start somewhere. I chose the Transformers theme in the hope that on my husband's quarter of a century birthday I might be able to remind him of things he loved in his childhood as well as things he loves today. A meeting of two great times in his life.
This is Evelyn enjoying the party too. She has a huge kitty that she plays with and just sits in the car listening to the little song it plays when you press the horn. Its the simple things in life that make her happy.
We couldn't find any candles but this one Tinker Bell one that was on Evelyn's 1st birthday cake. It worked out though because she just happens to be one of Mike's favorite characters.
Daddy and baby just waiting to taste the deliciousness. Once again, happy birthday to all and to all a good night.