Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reason for a blog

This is an idea that I've been mulling around in my brain for a few weeks. I've recently come across some blogs where there will be women, even mothers, who take the time to write a blog post about how frustrated and sick they are of reading about other bloggers' kids. They find the blogs pointless and feel like their blogs where they write about other things then their kids are better because they have 'substance' or so they think.

Well ladies, I am here to tell you that my above shown child is the only reason that I started a blog. The whole point of my blog is to keep family that is not within a 24 hour drive updated on how their beloved and only grandchild is doing. It keeps their spirits high when they need a laugh and provides them with endless photos of her. I'm using this blog to archive my child's life and our family. I didn't create this blog to entertain you so stop dissing on my way of blogging. I appreciate your criticism and accept it and now I'm telling you to back off. :)

Exclamation Point!

This is a picture from a few seasons ago where Evelyn put these glasses on and just pouted at us for like 2 minutes till she broke out in giggles. She is my little drama queen, where ever that came from.

My story for today illustrates that quality of my daughter. We were riding home from daycare on Monday. She was just jabbering away about her teacher and her friends when all of sudden this came out of her mouth. "Aunt Kenna, Aunt Shelly, Aunt Melly." And that was it. I got a little apprehensive of a possible fit when I had to tell her that Aunt Kenna and Aunt Melly had gone back to their home in Arkansas. She was quiet for a sec. " Grandpa?" I asked if she was talking about Grandpa Brad and she confirmed that was the person she was talking about. I then had to tell her that Grandpa Brad had gone back to Arkansas too.

This is the part where I almost pee my pants. All I heard from the back of the car was, "! That's AMAZING!!!" The end.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday 2

So, I realize that this is really late but I'm just working through my photos. :)

Here are some pictures of the second party we threw for Evelyn's second birthday. This one was on the weekend after her birthday. The Blairs, the Nelsons, the Pascuals, the Coats and Karina, Epharin and Angela joined us to make this a wonderful day to celebrate our daughter. We ate frozen strawberry shortcake and mini Reese's peanut butter cheesecakes. And Evie was embarrassed to the point of almost crying when everyone cheered her blowing out the candles. We just want to thank all of our friends for their presents and for celebrating with us. We love you Sihaya.
Her hair was cute and she was cute and we loved it all. I think next year she will have a birthday theme though. I've found some fun ideas and we'll see what happens.
This is my cake. It was hard to cut because it was so frozen but it looked amazing and I was very happy with myself.
My mini Reese's peanut butter cheesecakes. There is a little Reese's peanut butter cup in the middle that just made these so good that I had made them both Friday and Saturday that weekend.
Opening presents and eating cake.
The black and pink doll is actually a vampire doll that we have lovingly named "Creepy". That's even what Evelyn calls her. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Burn Victim

So to continue the dinner-dumped-on-the-arms-and-face-terrible-burns story, Evie and I walked into daycare this morning and I was telling Lupita to just leave the band aids on when I got a good look at the skin and my heart dropped out of my chest. She had a huge blister ran the length of her middle right hand finger. The issue is that it is on the inside of her finger so it rubs against her pointer finger. Let's just say that the daycare providers have been turning green each day that I have shown them the burns, especially the finger length one.

I looked at it and immediately resolved to take her to a burn center. We got in at 1 today and they kindly told me that most of the burns we 2nd degree and the rest 1st. And guess what...2 nd degree burns hurt the worst. They're not mild enough to be healed in a day or two but not terrible enough to have killed the nerves. Poor baby! At least when she does something she does it all the way.

The appointment ended with us setting up another one in a week so that the center can monitor the finger-length burn and another one, a huge brown paper bag filled with two types of gauze and mesh sleeves, and a baby that would have made a good mummy for Halloween. We only have to change the dressing twice a day and extend and contract a few fingers a couple times a day so that the skin doesn't shrink and make mobility an issue. :) We're just happy dinner didn't end up on her head. Small blessings.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot stuff coming through!

Evelyn decided to try and help us out in the kitchen last night by grabbing a hot Corningware dish and pulling it off the counter onto the floor. Of all the things that could have gone terribly wrong (landing directly on her head for example), I believe that we are very blessed that these are the only burns she received.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My little pick-me-up

The day was dreary which always makes me grumpy. (I dislike winter but for Christmas. Snow...grrrr.) But to my surprise, my frown was to be turned upside down. I was called into the back room where Mike and Evie were sitting at the iPad. Mike turned it towards me and showed me this picture explaining that he was showing Evie the KSL article about the lights being on at Temple Square.

He smiled, "I showed her this picture and she very sweetly said that the two people were married." I was shocked. How could my little girl even know the word 'married' and further then that, how did she connect the fact that these two people sitting next to each other meant that they were married. But my smile almost turned into tears when my husband then shared with me the next thing Evie said. "Then she looked at me and said, 'Mommy is pretty.'"

The human race has children for more then just the reason of procreation. We have them because we need to love something more then ourselves. We need something to take care of and forget ourselves. And yes, we need them to tell us that they love us and that we're pretty. The simplest statement from a child can make everything right with the world. I love my husband and little girl so much. Thank you for being a part of my family and telling me that I am pretty.