Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So Mike and I were sharing a private moment (or so we thought) and kissing for more then just a second in the kitchen one day. Evie, who had been putsing around with some safety scissors, all of a sudden looks up, stares at us for who knows how long, then made the funniest noise we have heard in a while. It was low and raspy, "Ewwwwwwww!"

The kissing stopped because the laughing had to begin. Then just to harass our three year old we started up again. Silence reigned until we hear this little voice close to us, "I want one too..." As a parent, I had no idea what to tell her. All I could think was to tell her that she couldn't have those kind of kisses till she was older. She just smiled at me...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots and Lots

I have lots and lots to blog about including birthdays, trips to Arkansas, and our baby boy but I don't have the pictures or the time on me. I just wanted to jot this story down before I forget about it.

It was early in the evening a few nights ago and I had given Evie the ultimatum of getting in the bath or going to bed. Of the two choices I really wanted her to take a bath but was okay with the other one to. Of course she had chose to get into bed. My toddler already hates getting clean. Well we went through the whole routine and were finally laying down when I gave her the options one more time and to my satisfaction I won and she got in the bath.

So she got to splash around for a few minutes and I got some cleaning done. I went in to wash her hair and asked her to stand up because let's face it, I'm not going to be bending over at all for the next few weeks. To this she replied one of two ways. Mike heard it one way and I another. She either said, "Let me make this circle. Don't touch my hair. " (What I heard.) Or, "Let me make this simple. Don't touch my hair." (What Mike heard.)

His way is much funnier and it would fit Sihaya's personality right now to tell me off but despite all the sass and fighting I still had a clean little girl at the end of the night and I think that made my week. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Universe...

"Evelyn, did you learn about planets today?"


"Evie, how hot is the sun?"

"2...2...2 fire."

"Evie, what planet do we live on?"


Monday, August 8, 2011

Maternity Clothes

So, I am finally showing...I look like I'm three or four months pregnant instead of 6 but there it is. Now, I had an experience yesterday that made me laugh and I hope everyone else sees the hilarity of the situation. The entirety of the conversation with this lady was pretty much this.

"So when do you start wearing maternity clothes? Because you're finally getting big."

I was taken aback. I thought that the dress I was wearing was cute on a pregnant lady. I turned to my husband and sister-in-law and asked if the dress didn't fit because the only cause for the statement in my mind was that what I was wearing didn't fit and I needed to find something that did... I was reassured that it did fit and that it also looked cute.

So my only conclusion to the whole thing is that I'm getting fat and the times have changed for what pregnant women wear.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Alright, I just had this story pop back into my head and I need to make sure I get it down before I forget again. The Blairs, Evie and I went to the Home Depot the other day and while we were handing out in the dryer/washer isle, Evie found these dryer vent caps that look like little hats. We asked her to put them back as we were leaving the isle and thought she had listened to us.

We were at the check out stand and pulling off the last items when we catch a glimpse of something shiny in my mother-in-law's purse. It was half way zipped up but there was something flickering at us. Mike opens the purse to find not one, but three of these wonderful little hats hiding in grandma's purse.

This is one of those moments where you feel the need as a parent to establish a principle and not have the behavior repeated but the entire family also couldn't contain the laughter at my child trying to secret this new toy out of the store. The only reason children make it into adulthood is because they can make their parents laugh.

To add to this we have started getting up to any check-out stand and there are a whole bunch of things in there that Mike and I didn't take off the shelf. Becca and I were at the store getting some stuff for the lizards the other day and I look down to find a huge, red thing of Folgers coffee in my kart. I love you my little klepto and you're not getting anywhere near my bag in the store.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where does she come up with it?

All About Evie

So we had the privilege of having my Mom and Aunt Kenna stay with us for the better part of a month. Evie got to spend time with family that she sees rarely and she and Aunt Kenna got along for the most part. Here is a video of the two of them singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star together. Apparently Evie doesn't even like the share stage time.

She certainly has a mind of her own and never ceases to amaze us with her capacity to memorize things. Another of her favorite songs to sing is Reflections from Mulan. She sings it during sacrament when we are singing the hymns and will randomly burst out with it when we're in the car or she's playing by herself. Her coloring is something to brag about to. She actually colors in the lines. We don't know if this is normal but we feel proud as her parents.
These are some pictures that I got of the two of us. Her hair was just really cute and I for some reason allowed myself to be photographed. It's not my favorite thing when I am pregnant so feel honored. Grandpa Brad snuck in for the second one. Evie thought these were neat because I used my iPod and she was able to see herself in the screen. Yeah for technology.

Freight Train without Brakes

First, we are going to be having a boy. He gave us a standing salute and made his mom and dad proud. We are so excited! But we are also having trouble deciding on a name. I have the one that clicked for me but Mike refuses to accept it. He says he hasn't heard the one that smacks him in the face yet...Just give into me Love.

In other news, we have moved to Mike's parents basement. With baby number 2 on the way we thought that not having to pay rent for a few months would be a good thing. Evie is incredibly confused. I tell her each night that it's time for bed and she goes to get her shoes on as if we were leaving like we usually do. Her poor life is going to get settled down and then we're going to throw a new sibling at her...She's a trooper though. She went back to daycare without a hitch after having been gone for a month with my mom visiting and here to watch her. I told Mike this morning that it was almost to easy. There hasn't been a single tear these last three days.

She made me laugh yesterday. I told her to read a book to me and what did she tell me? "I can't Mommy. I'm to older!" I love the girl!

I was also rear-ended about two weeks ago. That is for a later post. The biggest thing for this post is that now we have to buy a new car and I'm frustrated that the perfect one just hasn't fallen into my lap. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with all the different choices that we have! We think we have settled on an Acura MDX. Again, more info. for a later post.

So today you will just have to settle for pictures of our new bundle of joy. And know that life is busy and won't stop any time soon much like a freight train without any brakes.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Portland, Oregon

Mike's best friend Joel recently married the love of his life, Jaime, in the Portland, OR temple and guess who got to take a mini-weekend vacation? We did. Well, it was actually in March but that's besides the point. I just found this picture on Mike's phone last night and it brought back wonderful memories of walking through the streets of the city hand-in-hand, visiting Powell's Books, the largest independently owned book store in the nation (I could have lived there...), and having dinner at the top of a skyscraper and wondering if the very tall gentleman whose head almost touched the ceiling was a basketball player for Portland. Mike got a pipe and I actually had time in the morning to make myself look presentable. We shopped without sales tax and watched movies late into the night that had nothing to do with animation or Disney. We watched an independent film and had amazing pizza with Mike's other best friend Skyler and his beautiful wife Kirsten. The wedding, the people we were with, and the whole trip were just...perfect.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nursery Rhymes

So I was reading some of the old Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes to Evie tonight before bed and was shocked by some of what I read. The Old Mother Hubbard rhyme was talking about dogs dying and visiting the undertaker and then the dog laughing like it was a joke...but the real gem of the evening is this one. Read it out loud and without any pauses. Its called 'Lock and Key'.

I am a gold lock.
I am a gold key.
I am a silver lock.
I am a silver key.
I am a brass lock.
I am a brass key.
I am a lead lock.
I am a lead key.
I am a don lock.
I am a don key!


Monday, May 23, 2011

'It'Number Two

So I wasn't ready to officially announce this on Friday but I am today. We are going to be having an addition to our little family in late Nov., early Dec. (I am ambiguous here because even before a child is born they have an opinion about themselves.) The official due date is Nov. 24 so we might just have a holiday baby but we will see.

I've been sick with this baby where I wasn't with Evie. And I thought that it had gone away now that I was out of the first trimester but it came back with a vengeance this morning.

We would like a boy. In fact, I think I would be happy to have just boys from here on out, but that would be Mike's determination. We used some old wives tales last night to determine gender and two out of three said it was a boy so we will see.

The above pictures were taken because the doppler wouldn't pick-up the little things heartbeat because of how it was sitting so we used the ultrasound machine for the heartbeat and just happened to take some picture while we were there. :) The first one is of the body. The solid white circle on the left is the head. The other round thing is the body. The two little white circles on the side of the head are hands. And the second picture is of the feet. They are the two little white ovals on the right of the picture.

So that's my news. We're really excited and feel very blessed. Even Evie is getting excited. She told me this weekend, "Mom, sometime I will help with the new baby." At least I'll have her help sometimes. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess What

Here is what happens when I leave my Evie alone with her father and he allows her to choose her own outfit...Hopefully the face is from her realization of the mismatching colors. :)

In other news, Evie continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and ability to remember the silliest things we've said. We were in the car the other day and I was talking to Mike. All of a sudden he stops me and asks if I heard what Evie had just said. I hadn't so he told me. "I'm through with you Mom." Cause a what!?!

Then the other night we were driving home late and Evie was half a sleep. Mike said, "Evie, guess what?" "What?" Mike, "Chicken butt!" We all giggled till the next morning when Evie comes to me and says, "Guess what?" "What?" "Chi... butt." She got the first half of chicken right but forgot how to finish it. She's a pro now after playing the game for a few minutes though. I love you little sponge!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anyone else see it?

When Meg sent me this picture from their trip to the mall, I laughed hysterically. I had just watched "The Creep," by The Lonely Island comedy group, and I think Evelyn bears a striking resemblance to Nicki Minaj. The video is on Hulu, and tell me what you think...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Mouth

Driving in the car this morning and all of a sudden Evie starts talking about an ant in her tummy. So we start talking about how it got there. I asked her if she ate it. She said no. Then we were talking about how she has a mouth and then how I have a mouth. The next thing to come out of her mouth and I kid you not was, "You have a big mouth!" Where does she come up with these things? And do I really?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am not a Gardener

I just came across this picture and felt the need to share. I bought a zucchini plant last summer thinking that I could use my fresh zucchini from my garden that I grew myself. This is the one vegetable that my poor plant produced and Evie is showing it off for me...I am not a gardener.

Mall Trip

Grandma Teresa, Aunt Bex, Evie, and I went to the mall today. We had a purpose that fell through but that didn't stop us from wandering around for a minute. We walked into Icicle. There were some headbands that I just might have to buy for Evie because she wore these decorated ones for longer then she's ever worn one before. There were also some glasses that are the reason my generation was afraid to wear them. The funny thing is is that she probably looks like what I did when I first started wearing them. I swear they were this big... She makes us laugh.

Rockin' Mama

What did I get to do the other day? I got to be a a 23 year old and go to a concert. And not just any concert, it was an angry teenager concert, Lincoln Park. Shell and I rocked it. Mike didn't want to go so he sat at home and cleaned his guns while I got dressed up like a hot mama and head banged the night away. Not only did I get to hear the band but I also made a friend... (sarcasm). About 10 times during the concert, the girl in front of me turned around and shoved her camera into my hands and requested a picture. She then introduced herself to me and asked for my name too. We were best friends... Yeah for being young!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This in one of Evie's staples for food. Its on a shelf in the fridge that she can reach and she could go through a box a day. She came to me one night and asked for one. She was in jammies and we were just winding down before bed. I told her she could and she disappeared into the kitchen. She came out carrying two which was odd.

"Evie, why do you have two?"

And with a big smile, "I got one for you Mommy."

Its the small things that show our love. The fact that she was thinking of me made me grab her, squeeze her, and cover her with kisses till she squealed with laughter and we were both out of breath. I love you an extra go-gurt baby girl.

Evelyn Sihaya Blair

I'll post some pictures of my little girl later but I just had to get these stories down while I was thinking of them.

I walked into the daycare this morning and the director stopped me. (By the way, we love our daycare. I trust the ladies completely with the care of my little girl.) Well, the story goes something like this. It was clean up time and Magdelena was encouraging a little girl named Leyla to help clean up. It's not Leyla's favorite thing so Magelena had to ask her a few times. My child turned around, probably with her hands on her hips and said, "Magdelena, be nice!" My 2 year old is instructing her teacher on manners!

I was at a baby shower this weekend with Evie and there was another little girl there that is a month younger. The little girl's mother asked Evie if she was going to be friend's with her daughter. "No," was Sihaya's response!

We were helping a friend move a couple of weeks ago. Evelyn was helping to unpack in the kitchen. Susan encouragingly told Evelyn that she was very smart. Evelyn looked up at her with big brown eyes, a grin, and responded, "I know."

This girl is certainly not going to have any confidence issues. She makes us laugh and we love her to pieces.

Crazy Mom

So yesterday Evie and I spent about a half hour discussing how I had gone crazy. The weather was gorgeous and Evie and I have been cooped up inside since last fall, so I decided that we would take a walk. Well then I decided that the walk should be constructive beyond just going around the block. So what did we do? We got the stroller out, packed some snacks, and made the 1.5 mile hike up a mountain to Mike's work! Did I have a death wish? Not until we were about half way through. I got my heart rate up to quickly. I took the heavy stroller instead of the light one. And I wore jeans. The result? A very tired mom but a very happy family. Then we rode the train back down. Something that had taken half and hour up the mountain took 5 minutes down. Evie liked the train part too though.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here is an amazing picture that my talented brother-in-law Nate took of our little girl. Maybe she'll have to be a cowgirl next year for Halloween.

But the story for today is about the sun. It finally came out after weeks of grey. I just wanted to soak it all up. Except, it was below zero...Anyway, we were in the car running some errands and the sun just happened to be in the awkward spot in its descent that makes it impossible to block for a two year old in the back seat.

Evie: Mommy, turn the light off!

Mike and I started looking at all the car lights trying to figure out what was she was talking about.

We finally noticed the sun in her eyes.

Mom: Evie, that's the sun.

The next thing we heard about made us wet ourselves.

Evie: Mommy, turn the sun off!

How the heck am I supposed to turn the sun off!?!

Mike: Evie, if we did that, everyone and everything on the planet would die.

She still didn't get it and proceeded to ask us to turn the sun off for the next 15 minutes until it was out of her eyes. Children have an amazing view of the world.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Now you will all be very sad to hear that I did not get any pictures of the holidays this year. One camera was not to be found and the other was being borrowed. So there it is. But it was a wonderful Christmas. Evie got way more then either her or I needed. (Thank you grandmas and grandpas.) Mike got a new shiny gun... and what did I get? I got a fondant cake decorating class at Gygi's!!! I'm so excited. It starts next Thurs and I'll let you know what happens.

As far as the New Year is concerned, it was spent playing pool, watching a really weird movie, and then we almost missed the ball dropping. We tuned in at like 11:47, and then at 11:59:33 or something my butt decided to change the channel. Its okay though, we did make it back for the last three seconds... Such is life.

Butting Heads

(So this picture is from last winter, sue me. )

For funny news, my daughter and I have been butting heads for the last three weeks. But on Monday night it came to a monumental headache. Mike has class till 8 on those days so Evie and I were on our way to pick up the Pascuals and go to McDonalds for some playtime in the jungle gym. I was already on a loose end because my potty-trained child has decided to start having accidents at daycare, in bed, and even sometimes in the store...grrr. And then to my great surprise I look in the back of the car and the diaper bag has been demolished. Everything possible is on the floor or in the seats or all over Evie in the case of the lotion.

"Evie, I'm mad at you. I'm really upset that you did that," was all that I said as I wrestled the bag out of her hands. Then she stopped talking to me. So I called my mom to inform her that my 2 and a half year old wasn't talking to me! Ah, that should be illegal. Well, I asked Evie if she wanted to talk to her grandma. She consented and here is how that conversation went. I always put the phone on speaker so that I can translate for Evie.

Grandma: Evie, is your mommy upset?
Evie: Yeah.
Grandma: So what's going on?
Evie: I'm mad at mommy.
Grandma: Why are you mad?
Evie: Because mommy is mad at me!

My little angel was mad at me because I was mad at her. What is this world coming to I ask you? Where are the days when parents were the supreme rulers and children always did as they were asked? I'm forming the idea that they never existed and children have always been cheeky and have always known how to put their parents in their places. From the mouths of babes. To end the story, I realized that a diaper bag can be put back together and I apologized and she started talking to me again. Thank you Sihaya for being patient with me.