Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This last month has been a little tough. I started a new job which is always a little stressful, Mike had two huge projects to finish, and Ev is just busy being Ev. But all that doesn't even compare to the last two weeks.

It was two Sunday's ago and I was is in the kitchen finishing my mother-in-law's cake. It was her birthday and as soon as I was done we were on our way down south. With powdered sugar on my hands I answered a phone call that stopped my heart. We were being called to Primary Children's Hospital. Mike's 15 year-old cousin Cameron was in the PICU because of an accidental drug overdose. We have spent most of our time down in Riverton or at Primary Children's Hospital since then. (The Earnhart blog is

It would be wrong to say that the family will be okay. A part of them is missing now and even me, who hasn't known Cameron for very long, can sense the place where he used to sit and won't again. Cameron was funny. He really was. I always saw him with a smile on his face and the love that I saw him show his sisters always made me wish that I had had an older brother. We will miss you Cameron. And I hope you know that you were liked by many, and loved by many more.

Parallel to this sad event was my mother-in-law's birthday. She was turning '29'...again. And I made her a cake. Her favorite color is purple. And she would have liked a spice cake. But someone, I'm not naming names, told me to make a strawberry cake for her. I thought the whole thing was a surprise until she requested a spice cake and then amended it to a chocolate/strawberry cake. It was amazing if I do say so myself. It was good to spend that Sunday evening with family. We all needed something sweet. Pictures below.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

So, I got a job, Mike is moving into finals week, and Evelyn doesn't like either of those options. I have a great job that is doing something that I love and I'm actually creating things and have proof of the good work I can do. Mike has about three finals to take and a big photo project that is priority right now. Evelyn is getting big with long hair that I can pull into a ponytail and teeth that make it possible to eat everything. (Crayons, chalk, laundry detergent, etc.)
Her she is in her Easter dress. She just looks good in whatever color I put her in.
This was a shirt that she got for Easter. See what I mean? Every color is her color. That cookie was not easy to clean up. :)
This is a cake that I made for my sister Michelle's birthday. I will perfect the art of marshmallow fondant. It seems to be the only one that people will really eat.
I used real flowers on this one. I would have preferred some uniformity to the flowers but it was a first attempt. The cake was chocolate with rainbow chip frosting in between the layers and cream cheese around it. It was fabulous and I'm getting better. Such is life.