Friday, October 22, 2010

All gone

So I'm looking at all these blogs with these little babies that have their pacifiers attached to their shirts like Evie did so long ago. And I realized that I never made that announcement...Evie no longer has binkis.

About two, three months ago when she started daycare that was one of the few things we had to change. None of the germ sharing thank you. And it was surprisingly easy. We just let Evie know that she was a big girl and she didn't need it anymore. We just stopped giving it to her. The first few nights during bed time were tough, but we just reassured her that she was a big girl and it was going to be okay. No more losing the silly thing! Thank you Sihaya for being so amazing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And we're still here... 2

(Read the post before this first. It was to long with all my paragraph spaces. :)

Do I believe that she has been mean and derogatory towards the staff? Yes, I was a witnedd to it Evelyn and I were in the waiting room (Sihaya was so good and patient, love ya baby) when this lady came out of the back. She demanded a refund for the co-payment she had made for seeing the doctor and began to berate the receptionist for insinuating that the lady has sworn at her.

"So you're saying that I swore? Just said F,F,F,F at you? Well you're a liar, liar, liar!"

Another woman behind the desk then said that she had heard the angry woman swear at the receptionist too. A witness? Then the woman said something that kind of made me angry. "Well, with this Mexican lady sitting up here." The receptionist then insisted that the woman not call her a Mexican. The angry one was on her way out the door at the is point. "Well, you are a Hispanic right? A Mexican?" Then she repeated the word as if it was an insult and she were a little child taunting someone. "Mexican, Mexican..."

I felt bad for the receptionist, the other family in the room, and my Evie for having to see that. I had never seen such blatant racial slurring. I also felt bad for the angry woman. I don't know what life has thrown at her but she certainly made no friends in that office yesterday. I don't know if it was ignorance or just pure anger that made her lash out like that, but her actions will never be forgotten. She can't take it back or change how she behaved. I also feel like she should be ashamed of herself. No person should feel okay making another person feel the way she made the receptionist feel. Plus, she made us sit in that office for two hours! :)

This story has made me reflect on my actions and the hope that I never leave such a nasty after-taste in the mouths of those that I don't necessarily interact with but am around. And that the race of another person should never be a means of attack.

And we're still here...

So, I've been mulling this story over in my head all night. Evelyn went into the doctor yesterday for her 2 year check-up. It went great and Dr. Miles said that if he and his wife had had a girl he would have wanted her to be just like Evelyn. Flattery...will get you somewhere. She was 27 pounds and 2 oz and 32 inches tall. She's in the 50% percentile for both measurements. She eats healthy, talks in 4 or 5 word sentences, and is progressing in potty training. What more could I ask for?
But that isn't the point of my story. We were in the office for 2 hours and didn't even see Dr. Miles for an hour and a half. We got their at 4:30 for our appointment and weren't even in a room till 6. And it wasn't until it was 6 that I finally learned why things were so backed up. The reason? An irate old woman that threw the entire schedule off. She is apparently just a grumpy old lady that has repeatedly been rude to the staff. She has apparently sworn at them as well as being just plain mean. So Dr. Miles wrote her a letter explaining that he could no longer be her doctor because of repeated infractions. She showed up without an appointment demanding to plead her case with the doctor...schedule pushed back 2 hours.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Arkansas Visit Teaser

This picture by no means does justice for the cute little creature that happened to bite me this weekend...

Meet the Kinkajou, a cute, cuddly, nocturnal animal that perchance has teeth strong enough to break skin. On Thursday of last week, my family and I visited a Safari Drive-through zoo. The drive was okay filled with Emu and Zebras and Buffalo, but the real fun part was the petting zoo that we didn't even know was a petting zoo till the attendant suddenly allowed my sisters to walk into the lion and liger cage...amazing. We also walked into my friend's cage (pictured above). Michelle was holding the little darling and it was sucking on my fingers. I have the look of surprise on my face in a video which I will share later. The real part of the story is that how many people can say that they have been bitten by a kinkajou? Heh?

This is a teaser so you will just have to sit on that thought.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Father or Spider

So Mike and I about peed our pants last night. Earlier in the evening we had gone to Arctic Circle because Evie was starving and we thought she deserved a treat. The purple spider above was the toy that she got. She won't go near the thing. Its gooey and squishy and she'll have nothing to do with it.

Well as we left our friends', the Pascuals, last night, Evie noticed that Mike had put the repulsive spider on top of the rear-view mirror. "Ew! Mommy, I don't like that. Yucky spider." This one-sided conversation continued for another minute, then suddenly stopped. A second later both her father and I hear, "I don't like you father!" It was emphatically said with much gusto and I bet Mike's heart stopped for a second. We burst out laughing in shock that she would say something that no parent ever wants to hear. Then she said it again and because we were listening real hard this time we did hear the intonation of an 's' at the beginning of the word which only made us laugh harder.

Father or spider? Let's hope its never 'father'.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Little Butterfly

I walk into to Evelyn's daycare on Wednesday to find that my little girl has been turned into a butterfly. What is really amazing is that she sat still long enough for her teacher to do this...she wouldn't have for me. :)

Here's the funny part. We went to the store to pick up some stuff for dinner and while we were there we passed this 4 or 5 year-old boy sitting in one of those car-carts with his little brother who might have been a year if not younger.

Little Boy: Where did she get that done?

Me: At her daycare.

Little Boy: I want to go to daycare.

I smiled as I walked away, not knowing that the funny part was coming.

Little Boy: Well Johnny, I guess you have another girl friend. (Big grin on his face.)

Mother: (In exasperation) No, Johnny does not have another girl friend. He's to young.

Me: (snickering and thinking of all the other girlfriends that Johnny might have and the tastes that he has in women. Paint and sparkles?)

The End