Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trying so hard!!!

When they say that a baby's laugh makes your heart fall in love... they weren't lying, and I'm a guy. We love to make little Evie laugh. The problem is that we are constantly having to find new ways in which to make her giggle. I can imagine someone standing outside, listening to the zoo they didn't know existed. Today, Meg found a new thing that makes the baby absolutely happy. What's more is that we got a clip of it before she saw the camera and shut up.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Going Shopping

Our Friday night activity was to go shopping at Winco with the Pascuals. Evelyn wore her little tennis shoes. At first they were to heavy for her to lift her feet with. But she is adjusting just fine now and really enjoys being put on the ground and helped to walk. We got some cute ones of her sitting in the cart just being her happy self.

Mike is the background buying snack packs by the way. They were 92 cents for 4. It was just to good of a steal. I don't like pudding for the record but we got some other things that made the trip worthwhile, including pictures of our Booger Bear.

Tights Monster

It was right after church. Evelyn was in for a routing diaper change and Mike had graciously chosen to take this one. To get the diaper of course he had to take the tights off. He grabbed the toes of the tights and pulled them off really fast. Evelyn happened to think that was hilarious. So to tease her, he started waving the tights gently all over her face. This was also received joyously. It is now one of her favorite games. Whenever I change her diaper or wipe up her face after a meal, I make sure I grab a clean baby wipe and gently and playfully scoot it around her face. She giggles, waves her arms, and longingly looks for more as soon as we stop. Aren't babies funny? :)

Up and Down

We never knew that such a small child could have such an opinion on where she was. This is just a small example of the many times a day that we go up and down. She's so opinionated.

Mommy Kisses

Evelyn has become so active to the point where its hard to just hold her on your lap. She goes in circles in our arms all day long. This was one of the rare moments when she held still but I got spit up my nose and a few scratches on my face and camera for it.

We love you Sihaya.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Killer peanuts

The other day, I was sitting on the couch with The Sihaya eating my favorite binge food... peanut butter on a spoon. I had just cleaned all the peanut butter off the spoon with my mouth, when the baby grabbed the spoon from my hands, and with great temerity popped the thing right into her mouth. I thought that with no peanut butter left on the spoon, Evelyn would have no problem, and hopefully be entertained for a few precious moments. As those moments passed, my husband informed us we needed to go to the store. We removed the spoon, and as we placed her into the car seat, we noticed that the area around her mouth had broken out into splotches of red, with tiny little bumps. Apparently the baby is allergic to trace amounts of peanut butter. The rash abated as quickly as it had come. We decided to keep the peanut butter on the top shelf from now on, and is not to be trusted.