Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where does she come up with it?

All About Evie

So we had the privilege of having my Mom and Aunt Kenna stay with us for the better part of a month. Evie got to spend time with family that she sees rarely and she and Aunt Kenna got along for the most part. Here is a video of the two of them singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star together. Apparently Evie doesn't even like the share stage time.

She certainly has a mind of her own and never ceases to amaze us with her capacity to memorize things. Another of her favorite songs to sing is Reflections from Mulan. She sings it during sacrament when we are singing the hymns and will randomly burst out with it when we're in the car or she's playing by herself. Her coloring is something to brag about to. She actually colors in the lines. We don't know if this is normal but we feel proud as her parents.
These are some pictures that I got of the two of us. Her hair was just really cute and I for some reason allowed myself to be photographed. It's not my favorite thing when I am pregnant so feel honored. Grandpa Brad snuck in for the second one. Evie thought these were neat because I used my iPod and she was able to see herself in the screen. Yeah for technology.

Freight Train without Brakes

First, we are going to be having a boy. He gave us a standing salute and made his mom and dad proud. We are so excited! But we are also having trouble deciding on a name. I have the one that clicked for me but Mike refuses to accept it. He says he hasn't heard the one that smacks him in the face yet...Just give into me Love.

In other news, we have moved to Mike's parents basement. With baby number 2 on the way we thought that not having to pay rent for a few months would be a good thing. Evie is incredibly confused. I tell her each night that it's time for bed and she goes to get her shoes on as if we were leaving like we usually do. Her poor life is going to get settled down and then we're going to throw a new sibling at her...She's a trooper though. She went back to daycare without a hitch after having been gone for a month with my mom visiting and here to watch her. I told Mike this morning that it was almost to easy. There hasn't been a single tear these last three days.

She made me laugh yesterday. I told her to read a book to me and what did she tell me? "I can't Mommy. I'm to older!" I love the girl!

I was also rear-ended about two weeks ago. That is for a later post. The biggest thing for this post is that now we have to buy a new car and I'm frustrated that the perfect one just hasn't fallen into my lap. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with all the different choices that we have! We think we have settled on an Acura MDX. Again, more info. for a later post.

So today you will just have to settle for pictures of our new bundle of joy. And know that life is busy and won't stop any time soon much like a freight train without any brakes.