Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Now you will all be very sad to hear that I did not get any pictures of the holidays this year. One camera was not to be found and the other was being borrowed. So there it is. But it was a wonderful Christmas. Evie got way more then either her or I needed. (Thank you grandmas and grandpas.) Mike got a new shiny gun... and what did I get? I got a fondant cake decorating class at Gygi's!!! I'm so excited. It starts next Thurs and I'll let you know what happens.

As far as the New Year is concerned, it was spent playing pool, watching a really weird movie, and then we almost missed the ball dropping. We tuned in at like 11:47, and then at 11:59:33 or something my butt decided to change the channel. Its okay though, we did make it back for the last three seconds... Such is life.

Butting Heads

(So this picture is from last winter, sue me. )

For funny news, my daughter and I have been butting heads for the last three weeks. But on Monday night it came to a monumental headache. Mike has class till 8 on those days so Evie and I were on our way to pick up the Pascuals and go to McDonalds for some playtime in the jungle gym. I was already on a loose end because my potty-trained child has decided to start having accidents at daycare, in bed, and even sometimes in the store...grrr. And then to my great surprise I look in the back of the car and the diaper bag has been demolished. Everything possible is on the floor or in the seats or all over Evie in the case of the lotion.

"Evie, I'm mad at you. I'm really upset that you did that," was all that I said as I wrestled the bag out of her hands. Then she stopped talking to me. So I called my mom to inform her that my 2 and a half year old wasn't talking to me! Ah, that should be illegal. Well, I asked Evie if she wanted to talk to her grandma. She consented and here is how that conversation went. I always put the phone on speaker so that I can translate for Evie.

Grandma: Evie, is your mommy upset?
Evie: Yeah.
Grandma: So what's going on?
Evie: I'm mad at mommy.
Grandma: Why are you mad?
Evie: Because mommy is mad at me!

My little angel was mad at me because I was mad at her. What is this world coming to I ask you? Where are the days when parents were the supreme rulers and children always did as they were asked? I'm forming the idea that they never existed and children have always been cheeky and have always known how to put their parents in their places. From the mouths of babes. To end the story, I realized that a diaper bag can be put back together and I apologized and she started talking to me again. Thank you Sihaya for being patient with me.