Monday, August 8, 2011

Maternity Clothes

So, I am finally showing...I look like I'm three or four months pregnant instead of 6 but there it is. Now, I had an experience yesterday that made me laugh and I hope everyone else sees the hilarity of the situation. The entirety of the conversation with this lady was pretty much this.

"So when do you start wearing maternity clothes? Because you're finally getting big."

I was taken aback. I thought that the dress I was wearing was cute on a pregnant lady. I turned to my husband and sister-in-law and asked if the dress didn't fit because the only cause for the statement in my mind was that what I was wearing didn't fit and I needed to find something that did... I was reassured that it did fit and that it also looked cute.

So my only conclusion to the whole thing is that I'm getting fat and the times have changed for what pregnant women wear.

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