Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots and Lots

I have lots and lots to blog about including birthdays, trips to Arkansas, and our baby boy but I don't have the pictures or the time on me. I just wanted to jot this story down before I forget about it.

It was early in the evening a few nights ago and I had given Evie the ultimatum of getting in the bath or going to bed. Of the two choices I really wanted her to take a bath but was okay with the other one to. Of course she had chose to get into bed. My toddler already hates getting clean. Well we went through the whole routine and were finally laying down when I gave her the options one more time and to my satisfaction I won and she got in the bath.

So she got to splash around for a few minutes and I got some cleaning done. I went in to wash her hair and asked her to stand up because let's face it, I'm not going to be bending over at all for the next few weeks. To this she replied one of two ways. Mike heard it one way and I another. She either said, "Let me make this circle. Don't touch my hair. " (What I heard.) Or, "Let me make this simple. Don't touch my hair." (What Mike heard.)

His way is much funnier and it would fit Sihaya's personality right now to tell me off but despite all the sass and fighting I still had a clean little girl at the end of the night and I think that made my week. :)

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